On the other side of the dream - english edition of Po drugiej stronie snu

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New edition of "Po drugiej stronie snu"  - my first coloring book, this time prepared in the English version.

The book has 4 additional graphics, not included in the original edition. Many graphics have also gained a new arrangement - they have been improved so that more elements are visible. Some of the pictures, which had the form of a spread (they had two pages), were converted into one-page graphics. The form of the diary has been preserved.

On the other side of the dream
has gained a new, exclusive setting. A hard cover, with gilding, printed entirely on metallic paper make this coloring book even more special.

Product Details:
Publisher, month and year of publishing: AnCraft, march 2021
Published in: Poland
Size: 225x225 mm
Cover: hardcover, sewn and glued
Pages: 90
Language: angielski
Nadruk: double-sided
Paper: Alto 150g
ISBN: 9788395553325


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