Spirits of EASTER. Postcards for Coloring [OUT OF STOCK]

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Karolina about Spirits of EASTER:

Easter is a special time. Everything is coming to life after winter, we celebrate new life and spend time in the company of our loved ones.

A unique collection of graphics with motifs for Easter. In the cardboard case you will find:

11x book with postcards
2x Hang Tags
5x tags for gifts
1x Easter 3D picture (shadow box)
5x envelopes
+ postcard for coloring with greeting and autograph from Karolina

Publisher, month and year of publishing:, March 2019
Published in: Poland
Size: 125x175 mm
Cover: carton box
Pages: 40+
Publish language: Polish - English
Printing: one-sided
Paper thickess: 300 g/m²


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