Ticket to Dreams. Coloring Book

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Karolina about Ticket to Dreams:

When you close your eyes in the evening, what do you see? When you float off to the astral world and when you have all those dreams that you can almost remember..

A coloring book for adults, written and drawn by me, published by a lovely soul who helpend me along the journey of creating this for you.

It is a plunge into a world of fairytales and dreams, join me there!

Product Details:
Publisher, month and year of publishing: Karminia, April2017
Published in: Czech Republic
Size: 230x250 mm
Cover: carton spiral bound
Ilość stronPagesJęzyk wydania: angielski
Printing: one-sided
Paper thickness: 250 g/m²
ISBN: 9788090668607


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