Winter Memories. Postcards for coloring

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Karolina about Winter Memories:

The crunch of snow under my feet is one of my favorite sounds. The crisp air, bluish colors of snow reflecting the moonlight - all this has its' own magic.

This is the fourth box with postcards for coloring from the Memories series

This time, this amazing artist will take us for a walk late at night in a snow-covered land. As usual, we will see graphics of various animals and girls getting ready for Christmas. This is a unique collection, which also has space for several colorful gadgets.

In the cardboard case you will find:

18 postcards to be colored
2 sheets with tags to color, can be used to sign gifts
2 colorful fridge magnets, printed on canvas - glued onto wooden plywood
1 colorful card with stickers to decorate the presents
1 colorful card with gifts signing stickers
1 separate coloring postcard with the Christmas wishes and signature of Karolina Kubikowska

Product Details:
Publisher, month and year of publishing: November 2020
Published in: Poland
Size: 122x172 mm
Cover: carton box
Pages: 40+
Publishing language: Polish - English
Printing: one-sided
Paper thickness: 300 g/m²


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